Companies sell products.
Brands sell stories.
By Davidson Vorhes
When people think about your business, what do they think about? Surely something, right? Your business doesn’t exist in a vacuum after all. It exists in a specific time and place. It exists within a specific niche of a specific global-trend. It exists to serve real people

Your business represents a certain “perspective” about the world, even if you never explicitly articulate it on your landing page.

Furthermore, you created your business. Not just anyone. You, with all your beliefs about the world, all your values, judgements, and experiences. The sum of your experiences led you to a special moment, whereby you made this business. In this regard, your business is one of a kind.

There’s a story there, don’t you think?

When a business shares its story, it invites customers to feel something. It invites them to connect on a deeper level. 

For example, sports drink companies doesn’t “sell” customers on ingredients or prices. They sell a feeling about athletics. They never tell you explicitly, rather they show cinematically, emotionally "we believe in hard work to achieve big goals." And you believe them when they say it, because you feel it.

For a business to become a “brand,” it must express itself. 
It must have values and beliefs about the world. It must communicate to customers on an emotional level.

Most businesses don’t do this. Most businesses are simple problem solvers. For their customers, their products are a a means to an end. Though this is surely valuable, the relationship lacks connection. It lacks feeling. The bond is weak.

Your business has a potential to do more than mere problem-solving. Your business has a story. And in that story lies the power to communicate with customers emotionally

By leveraging your business' story, by sharing its "perspective" on life, you invite customers to connect deeply.

You become more than the sum of your selling-points. You become a feeling in the minds of your customers. You become a brand.

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